Saturday, June 30, 2012


Cash & Dad's Fourth Year

Dropping you off at school can be an embarrassing experience. You often hop out of the car a tattooed punk star, skin stained a bouquet. The ink is unintentional body art, residue from many artistic ventures. Add your blonde hair’s propensity to spike and your teachers believe you are Billy Idol reincarnated.

Leondardo Divicni is more like it. Over the course of a day, you get paint and Crayola markers on your face, arms, hands and legs. No matter how hard we scrub you, you still wake the next day with markings of the prior day’s binge. You just love your artwork. 

Like Leonardo, you don’t limit yourself to drawing and painting; you have several creative outlets. From your Gramps you've inherited a real eye for photography. When Rachel and I found Cashy pictures on our iPhones, we assumed they were accidental. Only after witnessing you scout then shoot subjects did the intent behind the compositions become clear. Many of your photographs make the mundane look artistic and we can’t help wondering what the Cashy-mind was thinking as each picture was snapped!

You also engage in Davinci-like experiments. Starting with a bowl of water, you dissolve things, many things, and you watch the emerging, swirling vortexes of color. You seem to mentally capture the patterns before the beauty of each structure passes. Unfortunately, the experiments involve significant cleanups and checks on Churchill for poisoning – you test your concoctions on him.

Perhaps this blog's Leonardo fetish is borne of our international escapade to Tuscany, Italy. We vacationed with the Linehan’s -- Chip, Molly, Cormac and Mia –- in a beautiful house just outside of Lucca, an ancient city that weathered the Etruscans, Romans, Irish, French and the Wellers. No wonder it has massive walls surrounding it!

We left the trip with many great memories of your multifaceted nature. Mia, the Linehan's one year old girl, was upset after falling. Without warning, you walked up and presented her with a flower and a hug. Where did you learn that move? Not from me, Cashanova.

Lucca's piazzas share a feature common in many Italian squares: pigeons. As we ate a pizza dinner, you, Luke and Cormac were entranced by the birds and decided to engage them. Your course of action?

"I'm gonna catch a chicken!"

A classic line. That line, however, was trumped by a scene I'll never forget. One afternoon, Chip and I took you, Luke and Cormac for gelato. After ingesting your sugar hits, you boys were so out of control we retreated to a nearby park. 

You and Luke raced towards a beautiful Italian sculptured fountain shaped like a modernized peace Dove. Conversing with Chip, I wasn't looking your direction when I caught sight of a woman covering her mouth her mouth in shock. I turned ... only to see two shiny fannies staring back at me.

You guys were peeing in the fountain.

One last thought on Mr. Divinci since I'm on the subject. While Leonardo's thirst for knowledge is well known, his notes show how organized he was about that cultivation. Knowing he was visiting Milan in 1489, he wrote "get Brera friar to show you De ponderibus," a work on medieval mechanics. A few lines later he mentions a book on optics by a writer known today as Witelo: "Try to get Vitolone which is in the library at Pavia." He kept an inventory of sources and where he might find them during in his travels. That forethought is impressive.

Cashy, take your artistic passions and explore the questions that arise. Apply a little planning and you may find yourself a rarity in the world. Happy birthday Cashy!