Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A New Arrival

Luke & Dad’s First Three Months

Sunday morning July 30th started out like most Sundays. I was tinkering around the MacArthur house fruitlessly organizing when Rachel walked into the red library room looking a pale. “I’m leaking green liquid.” I asked how much. “Not too much ... is green bad? Do you think my water is breaking?”

Weeks before at “birth training” inside Sibley Hospital, a nurse smirked when asked if it is obvious when the water is breaking. “Oh, you’ll know,” she said confidently. Our splash of green liquid was no torrent, no defining flood. We decided to go to the hospital anyway. Why risk it? We didn’t come home for two days.

At Sibley Hospital they told us you were on the way. I felt lightness, nothing heavy. I knew I couldn’t comprehend what was happening so I didn’t try. A far more interesting drama was unfolding: would you be born on your grandfather Steve’s birthday on the 30th of July, on your aunt Keara’s birthday the following day, or could you push one further day into Samantha’s birthday on the 1st of August?

Your mother was courageous during the delivery. Labor went all day and into the evening; never question your mother’s endurance. I’ll save you the gory details of the delivery except to say that it wasn’t what I expected. The conspiracy of parents (those that want non-parents to join the club at any cost) creates the illusion that labor and birth are beautiful. It wasn’t, but it was amazing. At the end, Grandpa got a killer birthday present.

The day you came home, the MacArthur house was filled with the Moores including Grandpa, Grandma and Keara. Grangie came a couple days after your birth. Even with the family help the first few weeks were a blur. When I was a newborn I was quite colicy meaning that I cried often and hard. It got so severe Grangie had to travel to Cleveland, Ohio in order to get help from your Great Grandma Betty Weller.

You are the same. Paybacks are hell. The first few weeks have been a battle between sleep, colic, and fear that we might be doing something wrong.

As the weeks have passed, we’ve come out of the fog and we are starting to see the rewards of our effort. Your personality is blooming. Luke, you are a very active baby, extremely curious, with a great look of wonder on your face. Interestingly, you already show drive. You clearly know what you want and won’t settle until you get it. You also get bored very easily and as a result you are quite demanding. You loose interest in whatever activity you engage in about 5 to 10 minutes. After that time period, a crying episode is sure to arrive if sufficient entertainment hasn’t arrived!

Physically, you are long (top 75%) and thin (mid 50%). You are a very handsome baby. No lie. You seem to know this as well; one of the best ways to draw a smile from you is to put you in front of a mirror. Smiling Adonis! Your smile is a beautiful one and, on rare occasions, we are blessed with your deep laugh.

I love you,


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