Thursday, December 31, 2015

Go Caps!

Cash & Luke's Seventh Year & a Half

Well Cash, you are famous. Mom took you to a caps game and your face wound up on a prominent blog about the Caps, RMND (Russian Machine Never Breaks)! Your enthusiasm was captured and remarked upon as being what's awesome about hockey!

Indeed, you are into hockey these days. You've been taking both skating and hockey lessons; your ability and patience with the process is very unWellerian.

When I was young, I fought any and every lesson of any and every kind -- I hated novelty and stepping out of my comfort zone. You follow your interests with enthusiasm with no fear. I admire how chill you are about your hobbies and you endure practices with ease. Its annoying.

As you can see from this blog, watching your favorite sport played professionally at such a high level motivates you. You are a wild and crazy fan! Take a look.

Much of the blog is hard to read, so I'll try and sum it up for you:
A Front Row Seat to Tom Wilson’s Melee Made One Kid a Caps Fan For Life (Photo) 
Wednesday night, the Capitals extended their latest winning streak to nine games and it appears they gave one tiny Caps fan a thrill of a lifetime in the process. During a first period melee which saw Tom Wilson get a double minor for roughing, the Caps and Sabres mucked it up near the glass. Check out the fantastic photos. Dude is so happy. That's what hockey is all about.
And from the comments:
devildoll:  Same, little dude. Same.
Sage Confucius:  The kid on the left in the first picture looks totally unimpressed. I'd rather sit next to the kids that is having fun. Rock on, little dude!
You remind me of your great grandfather Harry Deets Weller Jr. (who my dad, as guest blogger, covered in an earlier entry). Even after a devastating stroke, he would light up when in a crowd as if he was absorbing all the energy around him.

Watching you at these games, I see the same exact trait of parlaying and amplifying the energy around you. And its not just at Caps games, but also at the Denver Broncos games.

[Picture of Cash with random dude]

Invariably, you become the celebrity of our section at hockey and football games. Within a quarter or two, you are off sitting with rabid fans who have adopted you, or you wind up in a blog!



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